Monday, April 28, 2008

The good old days....

HEhe...this picture reminds me of the sweet memories when I was in secondary school..(ehmm,my scarf looks weird though..haha...zaman x reti lipat tudung)..We were standing in front of our jungle mural. Cant really remember which part I did. I think I did the lake,the tapir,the snake,trees(rasenyer la,huhu) .I just love this mural because my friends (my geng) have the opportunity to contribute (almaklumle baik ngan cikgu). Cikgu Zaleha ordered us to finish it together with seniors. Of course the seniors did most of the painting but we were proud to be part of it. Sronok zmn2 buat mural nih..esp when we did it with our friends....gud luck to them,my best buddies ever.

Everyone has been separated for quite a long time...n suddenly, some of them appeared during my sister's wedding...thanx alot for coming....:)

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