Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here it comes... comes the new painting. Huka of my favourite scenery..(nape airnyer bnyk sgt????)huhu...anyway, i was lucky because on the day we went, there were lots of water drops on leaves and trees...soo stunning...

Today feel soo in mood to paint. Actually, painting is one of the theraphy to your soul.Whenever u feel lonely,or boring,or yearning to do something you cant, just cure your soul by expresses your heart and mind to canvas. U'll feel good after that...especially when looking at the result..:)

1.As usual, create the design layout. Plan where u gonna put the views in ur painting. Then,apply the background colour first. For this one, I colour the sky and trees first. Note: always try to combine one colour to the other.Ex: for sky, i choose dark blue,dark brown n dark green together with white colour. Do not just apply blue colour directly from the tube..hehe..nature never possess a single colour.

Ok....finish appyling the background colour. Now comes the most interesting part, which is the water...yeay!i tried to create texture of the water by applying a very thick white colour and then create patterns on it.Simple ....:)

Then, make the detail of the nearest trees clear. I just apply a thick colour on it. The same goes to the rocks near the falls. From the photo, try to identify the shadows and the relevant colours associated with it.

Be careful..must know the direction and the movement of agak2 je.. is to create water droplets on the other side of the painiting. Apply a very crisp and bright white colour at the edge of the droplets. Use smallest brush....No other tips for this, i just follow the photos...hehe

Yeay...almost finish...took 6 hours to paint all this..(including eat,toilet+tv jap)..

The last step will be enhancing the black line framing using marker n if rajin enough,maybe put some detailing on the malas je...huhu

Soo many thanks to this brush..the most beloved..eventhough badly injured and has to be bandaged, i just use this one only to do all the detailing.So soory for the accident my dear...huhu....


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