Thursday, July 31, 2008

The final mt tongariro..

Actually, i called this art piece as mt tongariro bcoz this painting actually consists of the two mountains, mt ruapehu and mt ngauruhoe. The right and the left side show the surrounding on mt ruapehu n the middle part shows the view looking towards mt ngauruhoe from mt ruapehu..any comments or condemns dialu2kan...

huhuh..dah abih daaa....dah xde canvas besar...susah nak beli daaa sbab susah nak angkut...ehee...skang nih kene berhenti seketika untuk memberi laluan kepada esemen construction and management.

ok, nak pi klas...chow!

the importance of innocence

Hari nih nak mencemarkan blog nih ngan entry emo...I wanna voice out my opinion, which I rarely do verbally or in written form.
I've been here in nz for almost 4 years. I've learned a lot from the first day I arrived here in Wellington. The first day was not easy, we were stranded(me n cek momon) because of our hostel was still under construction and this awful situation continued for 3 months. Junior, you are lucky eh?!...we arrived at the airport on 1 a.m., and were sent to backpackers for that night. Unluckily, we got just one room left which we must shared with other two males...ehmm, but our INNOCENCE made us did the right choice. We left that room and 'merempat' secara haram in our friends' female room. For about 3 days, we were moved by admin to hotel wellington and we lived there for bout 3 months. There were lots of things happened during that time. There was one time, we were asked(or forced) to leave the hotel during weekend because there were other (important) customers need to use it. The admin organized a trip to Malborough and with full 'INNOCENCE' and tatau pe nak wat, we just agree to it. It was not that bad, but we did the sea-kayaking from island to island and mountain biking sampai tinggal nyawa2 ikan. We were so INNOCENCE we did everything that they wanted us to do.
After 3 months, we moved to southern cross apartment. The building was not yet finished on that time but the admin really want us to move in and guaranteed the safety. We believed them eventhough there was a big gigantic crane on top of our building. We lived at second floor, and the third floor was still under construction. We were so INNOCENCE or in other words stupid to just follow the instructions given. We dealed with lots of problems including leaky ceilings and ridiculuos electricity top up which costs heaps of money. Why were we just willing to accept everything and just follow? Is it INNOCENCE or STUPIDITY? Or maybe I just hate to complain?membebel kang pening JPA.This kind of innocence really create trouble for us. I hate this kind of INNOCENCE, which is just follow others and let them control you.
Now, in this final year, I'm still trying to keep some part of INNOCENCE inside myself. I'm sure some of my friends too..But this kind of INNOCENCE is not like the one I mentioned before. This INNOCENCE is to fight and stand up against all the bad influences..trying hard to be pure and to have a good heart. I can see some of my friends are struggling and some are quite strong especially in faith. I pray n hope that for those who are struggling, please come back, keep and love your INNOCENCE.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ngaruhoe iii

pagi ni pah dah balik...take care pah,gonna remember u always..bkn senang aku nak ingat org tau..hehe..

anyway, today I continue to paint mt ngauruhoe on a large canvas, 1metre x 0.8metre..same size ngan mt ngauruhoe yg latest tuh..nape ek asyik gunung nih je ek?..ehmm,ntah..xde gambar lain yg menarik kut..uhuhu..termasuk kali nih, dah tige kali lukis gunung yg same..hehe..but takpe, asalkan dpt cari rezki lebey..hahah..mate duitan btui

the photos are quite yellowish sbab seperti biase, hujan yg turun dan tiade matahari menyebabkan terpakse bukak lampu fluorescent bulat atas siling..painting kali ni agak complicated skit sbab combine three different pictures but actually, gambar nih ade kesinambungan yg x ketara...(agak tersirat)..heheh..anyway, the photos are not that boring, sronok gak gune kaler merah n biru..

Pakcik Lee Mather menyatakan keminatannyer terhadap karya2 saye...dier agak berpuas hati ngan karya yg lepas dan minta saye memberitahu kepadenyer jika ada lagi lukisan gunung-ganang untuk dijual...ehhe..sronoknyer bile ade org hargai karye saye..time kaseh..

nota kaki: melukis pun melukis gak...jgn lupe blaja yer -mak pesan

..muaahaha..baik!x pnah lupe..xmo repeat doong..

Monday, July 28, 2008

AND also the other one goes...

huhuh...the very latest painting, which is Mt Ngauruhoe based on kak nisy punyer photo dah dibeli ngan harge NZD$450..Adeii,..cepat la plak..x sampai seminggu digantung..pembelinyer adelah org yg same beli mt ruapehu dulu, lee mather dr new plymouth...minat juge dier kat lukisan aku nih..
anyway, yeah! tambah lagi duit saku...sronoknyer, bleh gune tuk jln2 nanti ngan family..
alhamdulillah..trime kaseh..selagi ade keazaman, selagi itu ade jalan...trus berusaha min...!

Another empty canvas..

Feel quite relax this week..sat on the table, wanted to study something..but huuu..temenung juge akhirnyer...i need the pressure at least..tu aa..submission lambat lagi..workload tak banyak lagi wat mase skarang..thus, i decided to work on another large painting..still involved mountains at tongariro national park..this time the layout will be different...3 pictures will be combined altogether...

wait and see how it's going to turn out.....

My pray...

Hope u'll get better,
I wish to be there for u,
Hold ur hands and share the pain,
My pray will always be with u...

Love u, mum...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

And here it is...

Smalam tgk Batman the dark night..hebat!gadget n kerete batman..fuh,sgt suke Christian Bale, sejak tgk the reign of fire, the prestige and rescue dawn,fuh!!hebat nyer mamat nih..dah habis movie pun masih trase kagum..mmg immensely talented...penuh karisma,definitely one of my favourite actor..hehe
ok da da enough said bout him..hehe..

Lukisan Mt Ngauruhoe dah siap...

Ehmm...bile dah siap tatau lak nak watpe..hehe...da decide nak jual juga lukisan nih..ehmm...lain kali la buat lukisan tuk diri sendiri..:)

Smalam,ade minah bername fiona dari johnsonville dah beli moeraki boulders ngan harge NZD$200..huuhu..babai..another one goes...dah jadik businesswoman tetibe aku nih..

sejuk sejuk...winter cepatla berlalu...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mt Ngauruhoe day 2

Windy welly...sgt sejuk dan berangin, seberat2 aku nih kene tolak gak dek angin..huhu,nasib baik still kukuh memijak bumi..kalo x mesti dah dilanggar kete..hohohh..disebabkan klas lambat kul 3.30 ptg, so sempat la sambung skit2 mane yg patut...tambah pokok n tekstur salji n also background di sekeliling which is going to be black n white..saje je nak jadikan lukisan nih design lain skit dr biase..

Dsebabkan kanvas nih sgt besar, so kene la design lain skit..gune konsep framing the view, focus diberikan kepada pemandangan di tgh2 tuh..sementara bhng hitam putih adalah extension dr pemandangan di tgh2 tuh, yeah...dah 80 percent siap...cume nak kaler bhgn bawah, tambah pokok hitam putih n nak wat skit abstract (motif) design kat sekitar line framing tuh..hehhe..
rase sayang nak jual lukisan nih..huhu..rase nak bwk balik mesia je....huuhu
to be continued...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another mt ngauruhoe..

Hhehe..ari nih agak klakar..first time melukis ade paparazzi...hahah...cek farah mengskodeng dari pelbagai sudut...rase nak tergelak pun ade...xpe2, konsentrasi tidak terganggu..

Krnologi hari nih..start 10.15 pagi
-seperti biase, start with the background.the blue sky,gunung..and then baru batu,time nih ade matahari lagi..:)

Gambar da jadik kuning air sebab pasang lampu..hari nih hujan, so kene la bukak lampu

Finish time: around 4.00 p.m...

That's it for today..gonna continue bile ade mase..insyaallah esok bleh kut...lukisan nih agak besar,so maybe lagi 2-3 hari siap kut..

Monday, July 21, 2008


Da siap esemen da yeay..ade banyak mase lebey hari nih..tatau nak watpe,browse internet..teringin lak nak lukis gamba mamat2 hemsem..heheh..dan dgn sketchy nyer terhasilla lukisan di bawah..i'm not that good with pencil, tapi mamat ni punyer rambut mmg agak berkenan..
Hari nih hujan..kat tingkap penuh droplets...x payah siram pun pokok2 nih slalu dpt air...

Hari nih da beli box-framed canvas baru yg paling besar penah beli sepanjang duk nz nih. Terjumpe gambar mt ruapehu kat page kak nisy dlm devianart..huhu..the photo is lovely and good in composition...syabas to kak nisy, i use ur photo ekk
Another one yg sgt menarik ialah gamba keris kat bawah nih..titled keris in palace...very intricate details..kene rajin kalo nak lukis gamba nih..simpan dulu laa
ade bnyak projek leh wat....takde la rase buhsan sgt..anyway, assignment 2 construction da dapat,haiiii,lecturer tak sabar2 nak kasik keje..

ok, chow dulu....gonna update the progress later ek..:)

The Smile :)

Close to my heart,...reunion 2007....membelek2 kembali gambar kawen ngah hujung thun lpas..shot yg cantik..the smile and the atmosphere can still be remembered..
Missing in action...our beloved father ngan youngest brother...i wish i can paint their smile on canvas..but of course i'm not good enough for that..xpe, paint dlm hati sudaa..

And memandangkan thun nih final (insyaallah, i hope), dah start bwk kamera pi skolah..adei,mat saleh pun prasan gelagat kitorang..tapi xde la peghak sangat nak amik gambar..:) , sikit2 suda

yEAY...hopefully, everything will go smoothly...I pray that my family and also my friends will always have the strong ek pade sape2 yg ter'lama' kat sini...ade hikmah, everyone have their own destiny..:)

Dah da...sambung wat construction..

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yeay..komputer kembali sihat setelah diserang spyware yg bername antivirus XP 08. Time kaseh pade cek nooozoo yg sudi memformat komputer saye..ehehe..dah bleh bukak internet balik.. Gamba mase farewell pah kat umah dier. Nasib baik pah suke potret nih..Mmg minah 'peace' btui..Hoohohoo..time nih budak2 lain tgh main cranium kat living. Kami lak amik kesempatan naik atas bersenang lenang n kasik hadiah kat pah. Husna kasik steel jewellery box with mirror yg super lovely. Hohoh...mun nyer hadiah coming soonn...ape ek budak kecik tuh nak kasi?

My obsession yg terbaru ialah buku nih..the fig tree..ahaha..buku nih cam tuk kanak2 ja...tapi i truly love it..ade bnyk fables and tales dlm buku nih. I prefer this kind of fantasy book drpd cite2 tangkap cintun atau too chicky...kalo cite antu or adventure pun suke gak.. :)

Routine kembali seperti biasa, pegi skolah n balik skolah...trase nak jln jauh2..tgk gunung, laut,rumput hijau,lalang-lalang,biri-biri, langit...huhu...xpe2..hujung tahun leh jln puas2


Monday, July 14, 2008

Idola saye..:)

xde mood wat keje..materials da ade,..cume blum start wat skeletal or outline report lagik..tatau knape sem nih rase berat sgt nak wat keje..maybe need some time for warming up kut..
Hari nih bukak myarthost..trase nak tgk karya abg lat yg sgt2 mengagumkan tuh..i wish i could have done the same thing..Abg lat or abdul latif maulan nih membesar dan tinggal di kawasan kampung, skarang dah jadik full-time artist..sgt berbakat dan berpeluang belajar ngan pak cik pelukis yg hebat2....dulu beliau suke lukis,lukisan bunga beliau ade bnyk droplets..looks soo real.. kalo nak tau lebey lanjut sile ke link sebelah kanan...antara karya2 beliau:

Mostly, semua lukisan2 beliau dpt dijual dgn harge tinggi..di dlm dan luar negara...amazing kan..talented person like him is satu dlm sejuta..lukisan beliau semuanye berdasarkan realism..mmg sgt2 real...lukisan di atas nih pun sebenarnyer memberi impact to myself. Cuti summer harituh, hahhaa...curi2 amik kain pelikat abah, gantung kat kerusi,pastuh letak semerit dan perhiasan hantaran kat depan...dan mula melukis...hehe..sayang x save gamba tuk lukisan tuh...tatau ape mak dah wat ngan lukisan tuh..ahhaaah...but not as cool as above la kan...for sure laa...Dan antara yg latest adalah gamba di bwh nih..tribute khas tuk sharlinie...dipersembahkan dlm bentuk puzzle..diiringi doa dan pengharapan supaya budak ni dpt dijumpai..really2 love this picture..that's why artist cam latif maulan nih agak important gak tuk memberi mesej pada masyarakat..Sama mcm gamba ketiga dr atas..pakcik yg baring atas lantai tuh..kalo kat wellington nih ade blanketman...mesej2 kemanusiaan mcm nih penting tuk membuat manusia berfikir dan bersyukur atas kurniaan tuhan...

sgt berharap dpt dtg to his next exhibition tuk tgk secara dekat karya2 nih...sape2 yg teringin nak tgk semua lukisan beliau,silalah jadik member myarthost...asyik nak memuji dan melopong bile tgk sume lukisan beliau..caye jgn x caye

sekian tuk kali nih...chow!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

inner me..

Emotion comes over me today,..
woke up in the morning,
feels nothing, feels lonely,
huu..why am i so weak,
so helpless,
I really just wanna out of welly....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another one goes...

yeayea..Lagi satu lukisan dah dapat jual...Paul from Miramar dah beli Wellington at night dgn harge NZD230..yeye..tambah duit saku yg agak lumayan sbab kos hanye 20-30 dollar...ade 5 lukisan besar lagik yg harus dijual..hohoo...susah juge nak tarik pembeli..brape kali auction baru ade org btui2 nak bid..kalau letak harge more than 200 dollar mmg susah nak tarik la..sape la yg sanggup beli lukisan semata2 sampai beratus2..melainkan kalo dier btui2 suke or appreciate art..jgn putus ase min!...skit lagi nak capai aim tuk saving hujung thun nih..ohhhooho

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the Portraiture of pah

HOHOHO...tema kali ini...


Sorri pah gune gamba ko tanpe kebenaran...this entry is specially dedicated for u...susah juge nak wat muke ko nih pah!!berguling3 jugak laa...hohhoo....anyway,this painting is not fully completed..just half...saye x wat lakaran gune pensel..trus kaler atas kanvas, sbab saye x pandai wat potret gune pensel...

pipi yg agak tembam seperti di atas telah dikuruskan, mate hidung dan mulut mule dibentuk....

hahhaa...x mcm pah pun...hoohoo...ok ok, mari kite alter lagik....tukar hidong pahh..!

Hehehee...muke pah cam kene bedak..bercapuk2 daa....ahaha..,sori, nanti kite betulkan ye...encik jai ngan mare..!..this is not the final product....warna muka akan di smoothkan lagi..of course, muke pah yg real lagik lebey sweet n cantek dr lukisan nih...but kite nak kasik ko wat kenangan.. hope u'll like the final one ye pah!...