Thursday, May 1, 2008


Had already submited the thermal report assigment yesterday...feel relief somehow...:)

Also today,just finished the trade me auction for Waihi beach..Someone from dargaville bought the painting...yeay,duit masuk lagi...eventhough it is just for 92 dollar..(80 dollars reserve price) but it's enough to make me feel delighted. I t's good when other people appreciate your work. They can have the affordable artwork, and i can have extra money in my pocket...Best jugak jadik part time artist nih...walaupun just amateur

Nevertheless, to attract people to buy your work is not easy. One tip on how to determine the price of your artwork is that adding the cost of the canvas + how much time you spent on the painting. If you spent 6 hours ,-you can sell it for 60 dollars(minimum) .

No ideas for the new painting...I prefer NZ landscape...Should travel again one day..MaYbe this week i should start a new one....

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