Monday, April 28, 2008

The good old days....

HEhe...this picture reminds me of the sweet memories when I was in secondary school..(ehmm,my scarf looks weird though..haha...zaman x reti lipat tudung)..We were standing in front of our jungle mural. Cant really remember which part I did. I think I did the lake,the tapir,the snake,trees(rasenyer la,huhu) .I just love this mural because my friends (my geng) have the opportunity to contribute (almaklumle baik ngan cikgu). Cikgu Zaleha ordered us to finish it together with seniors. Of course the seniors did most of the painting but we were proud to be part of it. Sronok zmn2 buat mural nih..esp when we did it with our friends....gud luck to them,my best buddies ever.

Everyone has been separated for quite a long time...n suddenly, some of them appeared during my sister's wedding...thanx alot for coming....:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here it comes... comes the new painting. Huka of my favourite scenery..(nape airnyer bnyk sgt????)huhu...anyway, i was lucky because on the day we went, there were lots of water drops on leaves and trees...soo stunning...

Today feel soo in mood to paint. Actually, painting is one of the theraphy to your soul.Whenever u feel lonely,or boring,or yearning to do something you cant, just cure your soul by expresses your heart and mind to canvas. U'll feel good after that...especially when looking at the result..:)

1.As usual, create the design layout. Plan where u gonna put the views in ur painting. Then,apply the background colour first. For this one, I colour the sky and trees first. Note: always try to combine one colour to the other.Ex: for sky, i choose dark blue,dark brown n dark green together with white colour. Do not just apply blue colour directly from the tube..hehe..nature never possess a single colour.

Ok....finish appyling the background colour. Now comes the most interesting part, which is the water...yeay!i tried to create texture of the water by applying a very thick white colour and then create patterns on it.Simple ....:)

Then, make the detail of the nearest trees clear. I just apply a thick colour on it. The same goes to the rocks near the falls. From the photo, try to identify the shadows and the relevant colours associated with it.

Be careful..must know the direction and the movement of agak2 je.. is to create water droplets on the other side of the painiting. Apply a very crisp and bright white colour at the edge of the droplets. Use smallest brush....No other tips for this, i just follow the photos...hehe

Yeay...almost finish...took 6 hours to paint all this..(including eat,toilet+tv jap)..

The last step will be enhancing the black line framing using marker n if rajin enough,maybe put some detailing on the malas je...huhu

Soo many thanks to this brush..the most beloved..eventhough badly injured and has to be bandaged, i just use this one only to do all the detailing.So soory for the accident my dear...huhu....


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NEXT painting.............

Huka Falls,Nz...One of my favourites...but quite challenging huh?..:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yup...dah siap...woohaa..maybe sizenyer yg agak kecik membuatkan ia senang disiapkan. I'm not really good in taking picture...ehmm but,these are the finish product.

Cik mun wonder- why did I divide the middle picture?Sebab.....this is to give more focus on the left and right cek mun....
Ok,mlm smalam adalah mlm yg agak blank...brain fail fo function properly.Thus, i turn to something else. Saw a few chocolate wrapping...n yeah,maybe i can create sth with this.Ok mlm smalam adalah mlm experiment with bronze and copper metallic colour. Muahhaha...hasilnyer adalah seperti berikut:

Title-the autumn leaves

Besides them, i also put some pictures of my previous painting for this year.

Title= yeallow daffodil
Title=night at harbour...
Why am i soo rajin to do all this? Maybe because i feel good waking up everyday with soo many colours in my room...:)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 2-Waihi Beach

DaY 2-don't really have the mood to do assignment. So I spent the day mostly to do the painting. we do it step by step. Here comes the most crucial part.
Part 1: Paint the background. Start with the sky,then the sea n then the sand beaches. To get the desired colour like below,blend the dark blue hue, green,burnt umber and a little bit of black colour(dont use a lot, or else ur paint will become dull). Apply together with white colour to get the most suitable tone. Use ur fingertip to blend it smoothly.,it's time to paint the waves. Apply a thick layer of white colour and create the waves texture on top of it. Use a very small brush to get a very fine pattern.
Ok..finish one side of the canvas. Now, move to the right side. Start with the first step,same like before and apply the waves delicately.

For the middle part, I chose a quite flat but very distinctive view compare with above. It shows a few trees lying on the sand beaches with various natural colour.

The sand pattern were applied to both sides (make it quite abstract).

Yeah, almost finish. The last step will be enhancing the framing of the views by using black marker. Adooi..kene pi beli..dah habih ink..hehhe

Ok...that's all for today.Will post a new picture of the finish product later:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 1-Waihi Beach

Initially,planning is the utmost important. For this painting, i will create a few fragmentation of Waihi beach. There are three different views at different time and different locations. The beautiful sand pattern in the photo above will be the additional subject in this painting.

Step 1: dIVIDE the canvas into a few segments.
Step 2: start with the sand pattern at the edge. Use white and black colour. Blend the colour smoothly. LET IT DRY. This will be the base colour.Tomorrow baru bleh sambung....muahaha

The sand pattern blum muncul kerana cat acrylic perlu btui2 kering. Esok baru leh apply layer baru.
Step 3: Start paint the background first. KEPPOLAN awan berkepul2 diwarnakan dan diblendkan dgn secukup rase.

OK...hari sudah mlm....xleh continue sbab lighting x bagus. Anyway, my words for today: Lukisan ni adalah combination dari your observation,mind, and especially ur heart.Nobody can stop u or membebel on what u're doing because art nih sgtle bebas. Never restrict urself or feel takut nak express ur ideas. Ok...that's all for today...chow!

HAri yg Sejukk..!!

Hari yg tersangat sejuk..anyway,still have works to do. Terpakse la bangun n buat thermal simulation report 30 pages. Walauapepun,plan for the next painting sudah ade. Gambar2 di bwh adalah hasil dr trip jaulah ke Bay of Plenty. Waihi beach is located in Bay of Plenty,near to our accommodation,the Great Lake kat Waihi.Jalan je xsampai 5 minit blakang cabin dah jumpe beach nih. Such an amazing scenery. Kebetulan pagi tuh ade sinaran matahari.Gambar2 di bawah akan dimuatkan di dlm next painting dlm bentuk fragmentation. Hopefully,this time I can make the reflection as real as possible. Cam susah but practice makes perfect:)

Wonder how?..huhu...insyaallah,after i done half the report and got mood (utmost important) to do, I 'll start to paint it. Anyway,thanx for kanak2 yg involve dlm trip nih...such an unforgettable experience...korang memang sporting!


Eventually,....i'm here...publishing my own blog.However,this blog is not my personal life diaries..but more to my artwork diaries. Through this blog, I will publish some of my artworks,for my personal reviews and those who are interested.

-Artist is a descriptive term applied to a person who engages in an activity deemed to be an art. An artist also may be defined unofficially, as, "a person who expresses themselves through a medium". The word also is used in a qualitative sense of, a person creative in, innovative in, or adept at, an artistic practice-WIKIPEDIA
-please note:never use wikipedia resources in essays.huuhu-

Merujuk kepada pernyataan di atas, I just wanna to reiterate-'a person who expresses themselves through a medium'. This is my put my emotion and give life into painting. I'm still learning and frankly,it's kinda hard cause i don't have any formal training.

Therefore, this blog will be the documentation of my progress. To build up the skills need lots of practice-that's what the woman in art gallery told me.

Untuk permulaan,gambar2 di bawah adalah some from my previous paintings:
-Kelvin Heights,queenstown-2007-acrylic

Beautiful sunset-after SPM-oil

Morning reflection-after SPM-oil

CApe PAlliser-2008-marker+acrylic

naTUre'S AliVE-2005-oil

Sunset in peninsular-2005-oil

Cape Palliser-2008-acrylic

Wellington yatch-2008-acrylic

dAN ade bnyk lagi...upload next time yeah
Dan paintings2 selepas ini akan direkodkan progress nye..n hopefully for those yg interested in fine art and colours will enjoy this blog..

Dan dengan ini saya merasmikan blog ini.....aNarTIstSpecTRum....Saturday, 19 April 2008..9.40mlm...chow!