Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yup...dah siap...woohaa..maybe sizenyer yg agak kecik membuatkan ia senang disiapkan. I'm not really good in taking picture...ehmm but,these are the finish product.

Cik mun wonder- why did I divide the middle picture?Sebab.....this is to give more focus on the left and right picture.ye cek mun....
Ok,mlm smalam adalah mlm yg agak blank...brain fail fo function properly.Thus, i turn to something else. Saw a few chocolate wrapping...n yeah,maybe i can create sth with this.Ok mlm smalam adalah mlm experiment with bronze and copper metallic colour. Muahhaha...hasilnyer adalah seperti berikut:

Title-the autumn leaves

Besides them, i also put some pictures of my previous painting for this year.

Title= yeallow daffodil
Title=night at harbour...
Why am i soo rajin to do all this? Maybe because i feel good waking up everyday with soo many colours in my room...:)


lostcapulet said...

wats the title of the 1st one?

again..i love the "Wellington Harbour at Night!" hahaha..

gorgeous result again min. :)

yasmin said...

thanx kak nisy...title yg first tuh waihi beach...kat bay of plenty

sharifah said...

saye nak autumn leaves tu. cantek sangat.