Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson,south island, of the most beautiful scenery in nz..

The chronology:

Final product...

This painting took me 10 hours to complete it...the reflection is quite difficult..but hentam sajalahh..Ehmm, don't know what to say...i like the colours..but feel that something is missing...any comment you guyz??

Anywy, today i started to paint the Mt Cook..mountain lagi..eehe..

buat gunung salji nih agak memeningkan...sabar....sabar....ada certain details yg kena skip...almaklumle,amateur....

will be continued tomorrow>....................any comments or condemns dialu-alukan

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the upcoming HoLiDayS project

cOMing SOOn...... lake matheson,south island
fiordland national park
mt tongariro

purakaunui falls

mt cook

Credit to tom
p/s: I'm not stealing these photos..i've already contacted him and he gave his consent for me to paint the photos that he took. YEAH,pakcik dempsey yg baik..:)...he is a traveller..exploring the world and took so many beautiful,bnyk duit jugak ye
And for today....yeah, is the last structure class for this semester..huhu,suka andrew charleson...really amazed with his way of teaching, so precisely and systematically and philosophically..that's pakcik andrew :)

Winter holiday is coming soon..since i can't travel anywhere this winter because nak jimat(budgeting for the future)..hehe..i decided to paint lots n lots of nz landscape n for this new project, i wanna focus on the detail...same like the previous mt tongariro,..fuh..azam yg sukar,kene penuh keazaman...i'm not that kind of person actually,,,to produce such kind of painting really demands me to nurture my patience...huh,who know,i will become the coolest person ever after finishing the painting..eekk??bley ke?
Salam...i'll post the progress of the painting later...:),skarang nih...esemen due tomorrow...!!!adeh!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Life is getting boring these days...yearn to paint actually...tapi tiada ilham,i really need to go out from Welly someday..I should not have reacted this way,rase nak depress..nak kata work load kot...kerja yg continuous and need patience...skit je lagi nak abiss...huhu..bak kate pijah 5thun dulu..gambatte kundasai!(dgn senyum lebar) Abih jer assignment envi science ni n exam structure...nak pi cuci mate..eheh..sronoknyer kalo dpt pi jauh2.. bile pikir2 balik,huhu..kene budget ni...

Azam cuti winter nih
-nak wat portrait-5 thun xwat
-more n more nz landscape paintings
-dah menganggur, so nak jual basikal(ade sape2 nak beli?)

p/s: Anyway, cek pah..miss u already,..come over to my house..nak autumn leaves ek,mehla,take any painting u like,..:)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pieces of me..

Semalam tgk kak aida n angah best..cume bab mkn tuh yg xbest(mknan diragui kehalalannyer)...hehee..Anyway, mmg diorang balun tangkap gambar sepuasnyer2...

Hari nih plak xmo buat keje..assignment due next week..tapi xwat pe2 lagik..ehhe..takpe2 mlm nih start...Pagi tadik start painting yg tergendala seketika...sunset..anyway, the view is taken from the top of the hill...budak2 yg gi ski trip last year mesti ade gambar nih..mesti cantek in real life..

Here are the chronology:

Middle part which dah siap smalam

Second part: left hand side....

Third part: right hand side

The final product:

Actually, sunset painting nih emphasize more on the use of vibrant colours. Xde detail on the mountain..Yg detail hanya lalang and dawai di hadapan..yg amazingnya nz ni adalah lalang yg sgt cantek...

Tadi dah bungkus mt ngauruhoe...nak kene hantar pi New Plymouth..ade org name Lee Mather from Le Dejeuner Catering da beli ngan harga 350 dollar....sronok tapik ade sedey gak..its not easy to produce something u truly satisfy..mmg sayang weh..ehmm..takpe takpe...the money is not for me anyway,..

Nasib baik ade blog ni..bleh tgk balik gambar2 lukisan yg dah dijual..ok la..dah mlm...have a nice weekend everybody...jgn lupe tepon mak bapak ye..missing them, pieces of me


Monday, May 12, 2008

ape dh jadi pd aku hr ni?

tetibe je rase x leh nak focus wat keje. ..duduk mengadap meja,mengadap plan2 bangunan film archive yg bertimbun2...belek satu persatu..tapik x bnyk hasil..sgt tak produktif 2 hari nih...soo,i decided to take a rest..maybe aku terlalu anxious bout this new assignment..tgk korean drama, lagi depress...adeii...

bile terpandang je kayu kaki tige,bersandar tepi dinding..tringin nak melukis balik...baru je niat nak berhenti sementare..tapik cam xleh je...konon nak jadi rajin focus esemen konon...apela min...ehmm...

bile mlukis,rase tenteram balik...bile tgk kaler yg warne warni tuh...mak aiii...

Anyway, ade lagi satu lukisan dah dijual...wellington yatch terminal...and mt ngauruhoe pun dah ade starting bid...feel soo grateful...alhamdulilah..:)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dreams wannabe...

Cita2 masa depan:

Short term

of course bwk mak abah jln2 kat nz
To buy a car...not really big,,but comel, metallic colour
Have a good job with a good pay..(bkknnyer bermaksud bnyk,tapi berbaloi)..
To meet the old friends....long time no see laaa
Spent lots of time kat umah..teman abah berkebun,main2 ngan ebi
Join mercy or other volunteering organisation

Long term
-of course, nak beli rumah,...x semestinye besar, but comfortable,prefer rumah kayu with garden...hopefully bleh contribute in designing the house
-nak bukak fine art gallery..or maybe joint venture with others...kalo dpt belajar art ngan other talented artists kan bagus
-travel to other countries

Wah wah ....sronooknyer berangan....

huhuh...da da ...buat keeje la

Thursday, May 8, 2008

2nd series

Finally I manage to complete the whole painting...The second series is smaller and is the continuation of the first series. This combination is to provide such a long panoramic view of mt tongariro...Here are the sequences and the final product.

In this painting, I focus on the details of the grass at the front and also the mountain at the back. I'm quite satisfy with it but actually there is still a room for improvement. I dont like the middle area actually..but mood to modify it...
Whatever,,...after this got a quite 'heavy' assignment to do..maybe i'll stop to paint for a while..Thank u for viewing..anyway,kwn2 saye kim salam..cek kukko, jaja,bobo,pokcik,bounty,amos and abu


Monday, May 5, 2008

2nd phase...

Yesterday and today were quite hectic...i was quite busy during the day so i gotta to manage some other time to continue this painting...I started yesterday night(first time i paint at night)...ehhe..however, its ok kut...with fluorescent light borrowed from cek farah (lagi..hehe) i continue this painting.

The photos are quite yellowish coz i took it at night...Below are the photos taken during the day.

Yeay, the second phase series one mt ngaurohue (yeke?forgot the name laa plak) is nearly finish(need to make up some grass at the back..huhuh)..

The second series of this painting will be started shortly....:)

Ok...ape lagik...meh meh condemn....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday, May 4

My internet was 'KONG' yesterday..Only can update this blog today..huhuhu

Firstly, apply the background colour using a big brush.Blend it smoothly. I use 4 colours, dark blue, bright blue, white and a litte bit of yellow...Paint starting from the background and continues to the front ....

YEP..finish half of it. It was kinda hard to paint the mount actually...but with patience, everything can be solved. Remember to use the smallest brush to do the detailing and create contrast as well as shadows to enhance the subject's characteristics....Ok,that's all for today....
Gonna continue when i'm free.....:)

p/s: anyway,evrybody can leave comments on my paintings. No matter who u are...feel free to condemn my painting....hehhee

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mt. Ngauruhoe, a Conical Single-Vent Volcano, Tongariro Nat. Park, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

Just bought a few canvas. Nak wat painting baru...yeyeah..Mt. Ngauruhoe, Mt Ruapehu,Lake Wakatipu and Red Rocks are some of the my favourites. For now I will focus on Mt. Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu first. These are some of the photos( credit to cek farah)...

I had done the painting of Mt. Ngauruhoe last year but i gave it to my kak long for her new house. It was one of my favourite artwork but it was not that big. So, for the new version,i'll make it bigger and maybe put some additional subjects. Therefore, for those who is reading this, could u please contribute some pictures to me..the view of Mt Ruapehu and Mt. Ngauruhoe from the Dessert Road like above....Whoknows there are some interesting characteristics in the photos. My email:

These photos are also very interesting..But need heaps of detailing...huhuh....adehh..
p/s: heran ke saye cam xde keje skkolah?heheh....relax la beb! azam thun nih:berperap dlm rumah lukis lukis lukis...pegi skolah balik skolah...huhuh

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Had already submited the thermal report assigment yesterday...feel relief somehow...:)

Also today,just finished the trade me auction for Waihi beach..Someone from dargaville bought the painting...yeay,duit masuk lagi...eventhough it is just for 92 dollar..(80 dollars reserve price) but it's enough to make me feel delighted. I t's good when other people appreciate your work. They can have the affordable artwork, and i can have extra money in my pocket...Best jugak jadik part time artist nih...walaupun just amateur

Nevertheless, to attract people to buy your work is not easy. One tip on how to determine the price of your artwork is that adding the cost of the canvas + how much time you spent on the painting. If you spent 6 hours ,-you can sell it for 60 dollars(minimum) .

No ideas for the new painting...I prefer NZ landscape...Should travel again one day..MaYbe this week i should start a new one....