Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 1-Waihi Beach

Initially,planning is the utmost important. For this painting, i will create a few fragmentation of Waihi beach. There are three different views at different time and different locations. The beautiful sand pattern in the photo above will be the additional subject in this painting.

Step 1: dIVIDE the canvas into a few segments.
Step 2: start with the sand pattern at the edge. Use white and black colour. Blend the colour smoothly. LET IT DRY. This will be the base colour.Tomorrow baru bleh sambung....muahaha

The sand pattern blum muncul kerana cat acrylic perlu btui2 kering. Esok baru leh apply layer baru.
Step 3: Start paint the background first. KEPPOLAN awan berkepul2 diwarnakan dan diblendkan dgn secukup rase.

OK...hari sudah mlm....xleh continue sbab lighting x bagus. Anyway, my words for today: Lukisan ni adalah combination dari your observation,mind, and especially ur heart.Nobody can stop u or membebel on what u're doing because art nih sgtle bebas. Never restrict urself or feel takut nak express ur ideas. Ok...that's all for today...chow!

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