Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 2-Waihi Beach

DaY 2-don't really have the mood to do assignment. So I spent the day mostly to do the painting. we do it step by step. Here comes the most crucial part.
Part 1: Paint the background. Start with the sky,then the sea n then the sand beaches. To get the desired colour like below,blend the dark blue hue, green,burnt umber and a little bit of black colour(dont use a lot, or else ur paint will become dull). Apply together with white colour to get the most suitable tone. Use ur fingertip to blend it smoothly.,it's time to paint the waves. Apply a thick layer of white colour and create the waves texture on top of it. Use a very small brush to get a very fine pattern.
Ok..finish one side of the canvas. Now, move to the right side. Start with the first step,same like before and apply the waves delicately.

For the middle part, I chose a quite flat but very distinctive view compare with above. It shows a few trees lying on the sand beaches with various natural colour.

The sand pattern were applied to both sides (make it quite abstract).

Yeah, almost finish. The last step will be enhancing the framing of the views by using black marker. Adooi..kene pi beli..dah habih ink..hehhe

Ok...that's all for today.Will post a new picture of the finish product later:)


mumun said...

care menerangkan senangje nak buat. hahahahha..senang ke? hahaha.. nak satu!!!!lukesskan!!!

yasmin said...

ehehe..tatau nak terang camne lagik..hehe..tunggu 10 thun lagik baru kite lukis..hahaha

Nadiah Nasreen said...

min, yg ni utk jual gak ke? nak? reply kat ym ek...=D