Thursday, May 8, 2008

2nd series

Finally I manage to complete the whole painting...The second series is smaller and is the continuation of the first series. This combination is to provide such a long panoramic view of mt tongariro...Here are the sequences and the final product.

In this painting, I focus on the details of the grass at the front and also the mountain at the back. I'm quite satisfy with it but actually there is still a room for improvement. I dont like the middle area actually..but mood to modify it...
Whatever,,...after this got a quite 'heavy' assignment to do..maybe i'll stop to paint for a while..Thank u for viewing..anyway,kwn2 saye kim salam..cek kukko, jaja,bobo,pokcik,bounty,amos and abu



t.a.t.a said...

subhanallah, sangat cantik. saya kagum! boleh tak kalau sy copy paste fail² painting tu?

yasmin said...

Boleh aje....:)