Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the upcoming HoLiDayS project

cOMing SOOn...... lake matheson,south island
fiordland national park
mt tongariro

purakaunui falls

mt cook

Credit to tom
p/s: I'm not stealing these photos..i've already contacted him and he gave his consent for me to paint the photos that he took. YEAH,pakcik dempsey yg baik..:)...he is a traveller..exploring the world and took so many beautiful,bnyk duit jugak ye
And for today....yeah, is the last structure class for this semester..huhu,suka andrew charleson...really amazed with his way of teaching, so precisely and systematically and philosophically..that's pakcik andrew :)

Winter holiday is coming soon..since i can't travel anywhere this winter because nak jimat(budgeting for the future)..hehe..i decided to paint lots n lots of nz landscape n for this new project, i wanna focus on the detail...same like the previous mt tongariro,..fuh..azam yg sukar,kene penuh keazaman...i'm not that kind of person actually,,,to produce such kind of painting really demands me to nurture my patience...huh,who know,i will become the coolest person ever after finishing the painting..eekk??bley ke?
Salam...i'll post the progress of the painting later...:),skarang nih...esemen due tomorrow...!!!adeh!

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