Thursday, July 31, 2008

the importance of innocence

Hari nih nak mencemarkan blog nih ngan entry emo...I wanna voice out my opinion, which I rarely do verbally or in written form.
I've been here in nz for almost 4 years. I've learned a lot from the first day I arrived here in Wellington. The first day was not easy, we were stranded(me n cek momon) because of our hostel was still under construction and this awful situation continued for 3 months. Junior, you are lucky eh?!...we arrived at the airport on 1 a.m., and were sent to backpackers for that night. Unluckily, we got just one room left which we must shared with other two males...ehmm, but our INNOCENCE made us did the right choice. We left that room and 'merempat' secara haram in our friends' female room. For about 3 days, we were moved by admin to hotel wellington and we lived there for bout 3 months. There were lots of things happened during that time. There was one time, we were asked(or forced) to leave the hotel during weekend because there were other (important) customers need to use it. The admin organized a trip to Malborough and with full 'INNOCENCE' and tatau pe nak wat, we just agree to it. It was not that bad, but we did the sea-kayaking from island to island and mountain biking sampai tinggal nyawa2 ikan. We were so INNOCENCE we did everything that they wanted us to do.
After 3 months, we moved to southern cross apartment. The building was not yet finished on that time but the admin really want us to move in and guaranteed the safety. We believed them eventhough there was a big gigantic crane on top of our building. We lived at second floor, and the third floor was still under construction. We were so INNOCENCE or in other words stupid to just follow the instructions given. We dealed with lots of problems including leaky ceilings and ridiculuos electricity top up which costs heaps of money. Why were we just willing to accept everything and just follow? Is it INNOCENCE or STUPIDITY? Or maybe I just hate to complain?membebel kang pening JPA.This kind of innocence really create trouble for us. I hate this kind of INNOCENCE, which is just follow others and let them control you.
Now, in this final year, I'm still trying to keep some part of INNOCENCE inside myself. I'm sure some of my friends too..But this kind of INNOCENCE is not like the one I mentioned before. This INNOCENCE is to fight and stand up against all the bad influences..trying hard to be pure and to have a good heart. I can see some of my friends are struggling and some are quite strong especially in faith. I pray n hope that for those who are struggling, please come back, keep and love your INNOCENCE.


Nuha said...

hmmm.. tuju kat saya ke?

saya innocence lg rasa2nyer.

yasmin said...

aekk...trase general...not specially dedicated for u la bebeh!