Saturday, July 5, 2008

Felling GRAteful...

For having a chance to be in here,
For having a chance to observe this wonderful world closely,
For having gone through all the obstacles till today,
For having an inner strength to be myself.....
Feeling soo have great family n also proud because i'm still the the same person as before.....(improve skit kut muahaha) ..maybe jugak because of my low social skills membuatkan daku kurang terpengaruh ngan bende2 pelik kat negara org nih...
Anyway, kelas dah nak menjelang..feeling nothing..another 2 subjects to go..n still have two empty canvas in the room...nak wat ke x nak?..huhu..maybe i'll try to paint this one..the snow fields at mt ruapehu..

Looks complicated heh?..

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