Monday, July 7, 2008

For Special Someone...

I did a painting this past two days.. BUT not a landscape painting. The painting is dedicated to a special someone. The one who plays an important part in my life. The one who always makes me comfortable most of the time..But this special someone, is not to be revealed yet...hohoho..ape2 pon, i'll still show the painting sooner or later..i guess..
Dan akhirnya klas sudah bermula. Still feel anxious of what coming next. Ape2 pon I'm lucky to still have friends in the same class.
Farah dah tanye keje kat library..Should I look for a job too?..ehmm,bile dah lame menganggur rase sgt berat nak kerja semula..I've becoming more demanding,..hohho..xmo la cleaner..hhuhu..
my hiistory of work..housekeeper hotel wellington, fruit pickers n packers(hamilton-berry), fruit packers( roxburgh-apricots), cleaner farmers, waitress hicom-zaman auntie muss, babysitter ( not for long), henna designer(with fareena), hohoho..n ape2 ntah one off job...rase cam dah malas nak start cari keje...or should i just enjoyed my another 6 months student life?n continue to become a part time artist with unpredictable n fluctuated income? huhu..
enough membebel, esok ade klas construction..suke suke..ade ramai kawan...

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