Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Final..

It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to, the feeling for the things themselves, for reality, is more important than the feeling for pictures.
-Vincent Van Gogh-

I'm not one of his secret admirer but I'm kinda love this quotation. By having surrounded by nature, i'm sure every human being on the earth, have their own personal emotions towards the beauty of nature. Some people, will just ignore the feelings, some will appreciate but not really think deeply bout it, some will really enjoy the nature but dont really care for it..some will appreciate n try to share with other people their feelings..x kisah ahh..yg penting sume org syang alam sekitar kite...

Ok, enough membebel....dah siap daa Moeraki Boulders....another nz landscape painting i did in 3 days (with the existence of daylight, luckily it was sunny).

Dgn ini saya patut keluar bercanda sebelum memulakan apa2 karya terbaru..penat deh 3 hari duk umah..


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